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This regulations precise rules of online shopping of POLGASKET Aleksander Walczak, otherwise named Seller, under www.polgasket.pl and other subdomains of POLGASKET websites.

About Company

Online shop under www.polgasket.pl and other subdomains of POLGASKET websites are run under POLGASKET Aleksander Walczak, in Robakowo, ul. Firmowa 8, 62-023 Gądki, Poland headquarters, registered under Regional Court in Poznań, Nowe Miasto i Wilda w Poznaniu, IX Wydział Gospodarczy, NIP 7772890204 (address for invoicing purposes: Os. Stare Żegrze 94/30, 61-249 Poznań). POLGASKET can be contacted via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email or +48(61)2211880 telephone number.


Seller - company providing online shopping services under POLGASKET Aleksander Walczak Online shop terms and policies, that is POLGASKET Aleksander Walczak, in Robakowo, ul. Firmowa 8, 62-023 Gądki, Poland headquarters, registered under Regional Court in Poznań, Nowe Miasto i Wilda w Poznaniu, IX Wydział Gospodarczy, NIP 7772890204 (address for invoicing purposes: Os. Stare Żegrze 94/30, 61-249 Poznań)

Buyer - natural ol legal person, company or organization unit which uses services provided by POLGASKET website, regulated in POLGASKET Online shop terms and policies, respecting both international and local online shopping laws.

Online shop - online platform administered by Seller on www.polgasket.pl and other subdomains, which enable Buyers to place Orders.

Order - online form, which states the Buyer's will to purchase specified quantity and kind of Products, which leads directly to sale agreement. 

Product - item made available for sale on Online shop.

Registration/signing up – process of creating new Account.

Account - requested by Buyer and stored in webshop system collection of data, which includes client data and past and present sales agreements.

Workdays - Specified days on the week, usualy Monday-Friday, excluding national holidays and other dates, current which POLGASKET Aleksander Walczak Headquarters would be closed.

POLGASKET Online shop terms and policies - this set of rules and informations.


General policies

  1. This POLGASKET Online shop terms and policies precises rules of signing sale agreement between Seller and Buyer, using methods of communication such us emails, phonecalls etc. and using Online shop by Buyers.
  2. This set of rules are set by 8th article of 18.07.2002r. about electronic and long-distance services of Polish law (Dz.U. z 2002 r. Nr 144, poz.1204 z późn. zm.). This rule set is adressed and obliged to all Buyers.
  3. Buyer is obliged to abide all rules and terms of POLGASKET Online shop terms and policies. Sales are made according to this terms and policies, on shape of form available at the moment of placing Order.
  4. To use Online Shop, placing Orders or using other services provided by POLGASKET Online shop, a computer or mobile device with connection to Internet and compatibile browser is necessary, as well as properly configured email service, which adress is precised on Order form or account information
  5. All informations on website or subdomains about Products (including Prices) are not trade offers according to 66th Article of Polish Kodeks Cywilny, but an invitation to signing sale agreement stated in 71st Article of Polish Kodeks Cywilny.
  6. Buyers can place Orders and purchase Products only after signing up.

Range, terms and conditions of using POLGASKET Online Shop

  1. Fully aquaintance and understanding of POLGASKET Online shop terms and policies, as well as accepting these rules are necessary to use POLGASKET Online shop. By placing Order or by Registering in system, Buyer confirms acceptance of terms and conditions of the shop.
  2. Informations and data given by Buyer during Registration or placing Order should be correct and actual. Seller does not take responsibility of wrongly executing or not executing sale agreement due to incorrect, false or not actual data given by Buyer.

Privacy policies

  1. POLGASKET Aleksander Walczak, in Robakowo, ul. Firmowa 8, 62-023 Gądki, Poland headquarters, registered under Regional Court in Poznań, Nowe Miasto i Wilda w Poznaniu, IX Wydział Gospodarczy, NIP 7772890204 (address for invoicing purposes: Os. Stare Żegrze 94/30, 61-249 Poznań) is the Administrator of personal data of Buyers.
  2. Clients and buyers share their personal data freely and is not forced in any form to do it. However, lack of data of Buyer can lead to canceling sale agreement or respect it in correct way.
  3. Clients and buyers have option of acquainting with privacy policies on POLGASKET Online shop terms and policies and other pages, such as during Registering, placing Order or on Privacy policy and Cookies policies subpage.

Placing Orders

  1. Orders for Products available on Online shop are placed by online form, available on Online shop.
  2. Client can gain access to Online shop by Registering, providing email adress, password and other data necessary in the form.
  3. Clients can not share Account, give login, password or other methods of access to third-parties or other Clients. Clients are required to keep password protected and secret from other users. Client is required to immediately inform Seller about Account data leaks, hacks or accidentaly sharing, which could lead to gain access to account by third-parties.
  4. After Registering, placing Order is possible after logging in, adding Product to Basket, verifying provided informations and accepting will to sign sale agreement.
  5. In case of not Registering, Client can add Products to basket first and proceed to Registration in next steps.
  6. Placing Order by Buyer (confirmed after clicking "Buy and Pay" button) is offer to signing sale agreement, according to POLGASKET Online shop terms and policies.
  7. After placing Order, a confirmation is send via email to Buyer, with confirmation link neccesary to finalize process. Buyer can cancel Order before clicking confirmation link.
  8. After clicking the confirmation link mentionet above, Buyer receives final Order raport and sale agreement is concluded. If Order raport was not received, sale agreement is not concluded.
  9. Terms of placing Order correctly are giving correct adress and/or data for invoice, correct telephone number and email, which could be used to succesfully contact Buyer after receiving Order.

Payment conditions

  1. Products Prices on website includes VAT tax, and are calculated with accordance with the law. Prices do not include transportation costs, which are billed separately.
  2. Due to dimensions, weight and special Products atributes, transportation costs may vary due to unusual size, weight or special conditions from transporter. Choosing Transportation method, Buyer aggrees to include one or multiplication of stated costs on invoice or bill of sale, depending on total Order dimensions after preparing for shipment. Buyer will be informed of multiplication of costs with invoice send for prepaid transaction. If Buyer does not accept transportation costs, these costs will be removed from invoice and Order will be possible to collect via own method of transportation after confirming payment.
  3. Prices of Products are confirmed after receiving Order confirmation.
  4. If Buyer should transfer additional payment than stated in Order confirmation for any reason, Seller will contact Buyer to receive acceptance. Producing Order with additional costs will continue only after receiving definitive confirmation from the Buyer.
  5. Buyer can pay for the order only with prepaid transaction, cash or cash on delivery in PLN, if target adress is situated in Poland. For international shipment only prepaid transaction is available.
  6. Bank account of POLGASKET Aleksander Walczak to transfer payments will be stated on invoice.
  7. Seller can agree with Buyer special terms and conditions of the Order, in written form.
  8. Seller reserves the rights to change Products prices, creating and canceling promotional or special offers, changing any Products and categories descriptions and making changes on any of the website's content. Above terms does not include changing prices of Products on confirmed Orders, or terms of promotional or special offers.

Completion of Orders

  1. After receiving confirmed Order, completion will start shortly.
  2. Products ordered on POLGASKET website can be delivered by chosen transporter or picked up from the warehouse after payment confirmation.
  3. Date of possible delivery depends on Product availability, chosen shipment option and prepaid transaction date.
  4. Date of possible delivery may be changed by Seller in product description or email correspondence.
  5. After placing Order, Seller checks and reserves stock for items necessary to complete order. If any of the products are not available, Seller begins production of said items. Seller may send proposition of changing possible delivery time - if Buyer will not accept those terms, Order would be canceled.
  6. Invoices are created after completing all of the items from Order. Documents created before are Orders Reservations (i.e. for informing clients of total value of Order), are not final document, thus cannot be used to make prepaid transaction due to possible variation on products quantities and transportation costs.
  7. Client can request either Bill of Sale, which will include 23% Polish VAT tax, or invoice. Documents will be added to the package and copy will be send via email. By accepting this rules and conditions, you agree to receive documents from POLGASKET via email.

Product returns

  1. According to Law of 30th of May 2014 about Customer Rights (Dz.U.2014.827), Client being Consumer can withdraw Sale agreement without reason, by delivering written statement up to 14 days after order was delivered.
  2. Withdrawal from Sale agreement statement can be delivered in written form, or via suitable form on the website. If Buyer have ordered more than one item, all or only chosen articles can be returned in the same unit that was delivered (for example, sets can only be returned whole, it is not possible to return single gaskets from set).
  3. Above authorization can be realized by sending written statement of withdrawal from sales agreement to Robakowo, ul. Firmowa 8, 62-023 Gądki adress.
  4. If statement was send via email, Seller will inform Buyer of receiving such email in response.
  5. After withdrawal from sale aggreement, due to 1st article of Consumer Right's Law, Client is free of any commitments. Client should return entirety of the Order, in unchanged form and in original packaging.
  6. Return of the Order should be immediate, not longer than 14 days after receiving by Client.
  7. Order should be returned with every sale documents attached to Robakowo, ul. Firmowa 8, 62-023 Gądki.
  8. The Client covers packaging and return costs.
  9. When Sale agreement is withdrawn successfuly, Seller will, up to 14 days from Sale agreement withdrawal, return any payments done by Client for that order. Return of payment will cover exactly the value of order, including any rebates and special prices.
  10. In case of exceeding deadline of Sale agreement withdrawal specified in this article, Seller will return the package with reclaimed items to Buyer, on his cost.
  11. For easier identification, giving Order number and/or date is advised.
  12. The right to Sale agreement withdrawal does not include long-distance agreements specified in art. 38 ustawy from 30th of May 2014 about consumer rights for::
    • Providing services, if Seller provided service in full with Buyer's agreement, who was informed berfore the start of service that the right of withdrawal of Sale agreement will be impossible after finalization
    • When the item of Sale agreement is not prefabricated, produced for Buyer's special needs or custom-made
    • When the item of Sale agreement has short shelf life or could be out of use in short time
    • When the item of Sale agreement is delivered in sealed packaging, after opening which can't be returned due to health or sanitary precautions, if the packaging was opened after delivery
    • When the item of Sale agreement is either sound or visual recordings, computer software or other form of digital media delivered in sealed packaging, if the packaging was opened after delivery
    • When the item of Sale agreement is digital media delivered in non-physical way, if the service was started with Buyer's agreement, before deadline of Sale agreement withdrawal and after informing the Buyer that the withdrawal will be impossible after finalization of service

Reclamation and returns

  1. Buyer can place a reclamation claim with Seller, especially when the items included in Sales agreement are faulty or if services provided by Buyer were done incorrectly or differently from the agreement.
  2. Reclamation claim can be send on paper or via email to address from the Contact page. It should include full name, surname, address of the Buyer, email address, Sales agreement date or order number, subject of the reclamation claim and description of the reclamation claim.
  3. If Buyer wishes not to contact website administrator, EU website for consument claims can be used to settle reclamation claims for website purchases http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.
  4. The base of reclamation can be especially delivery of the items different than ordered, wrongly completed order or delivery of wrong item quantity.
  5. Seller will have 14-day time to process reclamation claim and give final response, counted after the day of receiving physical package with reclamation.
  6. The response about reclamation claim will be send to Buyer's email address or posted in traditional mail.
  7. Seller will not accept reclamation returns with any form of payment issued on Seller. The cost of sending reclamation must be fully paid by Buyer.
  8. If the Buyer was not the original side of Sales agreement, the responsibility of warranty is not valid.

Final agreements

  1. If any rule or agreement mentioned in this policy will be claimed not valid by law, it will not change the validity of the rest of rules. New rule closest to meaning and objectives of this policy will substitute the invalidated one.
  2. In case of changing the terms and policies, Seller will inform the clients about it on the POLGASKET website. Terms and policies changes will take effect from the day mentioned, not sooner that 7 days from the change and information on the website. The new terms and policies won't apply to orders and sales agreements placed before the change.
  3. Current terms and policies are published on the POLGASKET website.
  4. Seller will not take responsibility for blocking email services by their administrators and deleting or blocking e-mails by software installed on Buyer's computer.
  5. Seller will not take responsibility for transactions made by unauthorized third parties, who gained access to Buyer's account after negligence of security measures.
  6. For the terms and policies not covered in these Regulations, applicable laws will apply.
  7. The court having jurisdiction to consider disputes arising from the sales agreement is a common court in accordance with the applicable law.